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F-bomb gifts for classy people

Do you have people in your life who like to drop an F-bomb? These gifts are for those people! Whether you’re looking for F-bombs that you can wear, drink coffee from, or throw (including a crochet F-bomb!), this list is for you!

vintage cartoon of man and woman swearing

Literal F-bombs

My friend Beth crochets these F-bombs, and they’re adorable!

Crocheted bomb with a red F on it.

Looking for something else? Etsy has an almost endless supply of crocheted F-bombs in a range of colors.

And if you know how to crochet, you can get a crochet F-bomb pattern and do it yourself!

Tasty F-bombs

Get your message across in a way that’s easy to swallow, with these opinionated cookie cutters.

Four cookie cutters that press insults into cookies.

I’ve mirrored the image so that you can read the words, but in case they’re still difficult to read, the cookie cutters say “I hope you choke”, “Please go die”, “Stop talking”, and the one that landed this gift on this list, “Kindly fuck off.”

Say it in code

This cute bracelet says in morse code what you wish you could say out loud.

F-bomb paperweight

Still using actual paper? Keep it from blowing away with this cool paperweight!

Intelligent, classy F-bomb shirt

Sometimes you have to put it on a t-shirt. This F-bomb shirt is available in a women’s cut (in other words, not boxy), in more than a dozen colors. Just try not to wear it to school pick-up.

STFU button

Getting tired of telling people to STFU? Outsource to a button. That was easy.

“WTF” stamp

Should I not have stamped your forehead? Was that wrong?


This gift actually makes me wish I worked in an office. (I’m guessing I wouldn’t last very long.) These stickers are even repositionable, so you can use them over and over!

Mouse pad

Still using a mouse pad? At least make it expressive.



When you need to say it somehow, but have to keep it hidden in your shoes.


Flying F****

If you toss these coins, they will be actual flying f****.

The perfect song

Somebody reading this probably thinks that this is their theme song. Personally, I thought “And I’m like, forget you” were the actual lyrics for years, because I’d only heard it on the radio!

Coffee mugs

For the person who loves F-bombs with their coffee.

For the person who loves F-bombs and grammar

Or keeping their true feelings a little bit hidden (but not much).

Or who are moody.

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