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Questions About Gone With The Wind From A Ten Year Old

Fiona and I just watched the first hour of Gone With The Wind, right up until Ashley (Ashley!) goes back to the war after his Christmas leave.

Fiona hasn’t watched a lot of old movies. An “old” movie to Fiona is Home Alone or Back To The Future. I knew she’d have questions. I didn’t expect her to have quite so many.

  • Why is there music and nothing happening?
  • Why are the letters drawn so funny?
  • Are these actors still alive today?
  • Isn’t Scarlett on a TV show today?
  • Was this filming in the same time that it was happening?
  • Whose house is that?
  • Isn’t Ashley a girl’s name?
  • Who are all those girls and why are they all sleeping? Do they all live there? Where are their parents?
  • Is his name Rhett Butt?!? Why is he so much older than everybody else?
  • What’s a Yankee?
  • Who is arrogance?
  • Why was he sleeping on the couch?
  • Why is everybody riding horses?
  • What war are they talking about?
  • Is Captain Butt the guy from before?
  • Why is she wearing black?
  • Why isn’t she supposed to dance?
  • Who’s Mrs. Charles Hamilton? Isn’t that Scarlett?
  • Why did she give away her wedding ring?
  • Why did she put her hat on backwards?
  • Why aren’t there any more chickens?
  • Why does he only get to come home for three days?

Can’t wait for the next hour!

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