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Should We Give Our Kids A Bill For Raising Them?

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The new Play.It studio at CBS Radio!

The new Play.It studio at CBS Radio!

I was listening to a very interesting episode of Freakonomics Radio the other day (OK, really, they’re all interesting – it’s a great podcast). The question posed was do our kids owe us something for raising them? Not something intangible like love and gratitude, but do they owe us cash?

We also discuss how moms are using YouTube. That’s a question I have a big interest in because for a while I tried to make money from sponsored YouTube videos. I would offer a video in all of my sponsored post negotiations. And you know what? Nobody is hiring moms in a big way to make sponsored videos, because moms aren’t watching other moms. Moms are watching based on the subject and the quality of the videos, not based on who is on the video. Which was bad news for me, and I just went back to making my own videos and putting ads on them.

And of course, we all had our Bytes of the Week! And I’m totally buying Andrea’s suggestion, because my memory sucks.

This week was also fun, because we were the very first podcast to record in this pretty new CBS Radio studio. It totally had that new studio smell. And I absolutely love the retro decorations on the wall!

Rebecca checking out the new Play.It studio at CBS Radio!

Rebecca checking out the new Play.It studio at CBS Radio!

Amy Oztan, Andrea Smith, and Rebecca Levey in the new Play.It studio at CBS Radio!

Amy, Andrea, and Rebecca in the new Play.It studio at CBS Radio

So please give our 40th (!) episode a listen, and I’d love to hear from you – on any of our topics, or on topics you’d like us to talk about!

Parenting Bytes, Episode 40: Do Your Children Owe You Money For Raising Them?

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Do our kids owe us something for raising them? Not something intangible like care and gratitude. Do they owe us cold hard cash? This is just one of the topics we discuss on Parenting Bytes this week.

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Jenny Milchman

Saturday 7th of November 2015

In the past kids did pay parents for raising them by helping out in family stores, on the farm, or at home with younger siblings, chores, and cooking. Now we go to the store for our kids (or to the farm for their organic apples) and we take care of their siblings, cooking, and cleaning. I don't know if I want cash from my kids one day, but I sure try to reverse the above trend as much as I can. And I've stopped fetching ice water from the sink for my twelve year old when she drains her glass at dinner.

Amy Oztan

Saturday 7th of November 2015

You know you could have stopped that about ten years ago, right? ;-) No, seriously, the hardest challenge I've had as a mom is to make my kids do things themselves, even though in the beginning it will be messier and more trouble than if I just did it. It's hard. But it's worth it every time. Finally a month ago I made my 14 year old start doing his own laundry. And now, of course, I'm like "WHY did I wait so long??"

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