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Wegmans’ Brooklyn location is open and here’s what I got!

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A Wegmans grocery store opened up near me in Brooklyn yesterday, and I was there! Here’s what I bought on my first trip.

Amy Oztan showing her Wegmans haul

Wegmans’ first New York City store is finally here!

There’s not much that will get me showered and out of my house before dawn on a Sunday, but Wegmans opening in Brooklyn is on that list!

I grew up in Buffalo, where Wegmans is the absolute best place to shop. When you spend six months of the year freezing, you take your food very seriously, and Wegmans is a Western New York institution!

Yesterday I walked over to the new Wegmans Brooklyn location in the Brooklyn Navy Yard (21 Flushing Avenue, if you’re trying to find it on a map) and got in line at 6:45am (it was opening at 7), not all that surprised to see hundreds of people in line ahead of me.

There were even a few Bills fans tailgating in the Wegmans parking lot, in the rain, which is definitely the most Buffalo thing I’ve ever seen in the 17 years I’ve lived in Brooklyn! (You can check out one of the tailgaters here.)

Bills fans tailgating at Wegmans Brooklyn

I wandered around the store for more than four hours before I finally picked up a few precious items and headed home. I will be posting a lot more about Wegmans (so many pictures!!), but for now, I wanted to share with you what I bought on my first visit!

Since I’d walked there I didn’t get much. Sure, I could have called my husband for a ride, or taken a Lyft home, but I wanted to at least try to control myself. I mean, now that it’s here, Wegmans isn’t going anywhere, and I can visit as often as I want to! I didn’t have to buy everything on the first day, as much as I wanted to.

My Wegmans haul

So, here’s my haul video, as the kids would say! I’ll give a full update on everything in the video soon, but suffice it to say that the pretzels are amazing and addictive, and the last item—the one I was happiest about finding—is almost gone.

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