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15 uncommon gifts from uncommongoods for people who like food and drink

Uncommongoods is an amazing marketplace full of beautiful, unique gifts that you’ll be proud to give. I’ve gathered some of my favorite food- and drink-themed gifts to make your shopping a little easier!

broken glass coasters

Why Shop uncommongoods?

Uncommongoods is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY and focuses on handcrafted gifts that don’t harm animals, the environment, or people (their lowest-paid seasonal workers start at 50% above the minimum wage).

Half of what they sell is made by hand, most right here in the U.S. And about a third of the items they sell are made from recycled or upcycled materials. Many items come with some info about the artist and the product, and how it got to you.

Uncommongoods - artist story

So, you can purchase from uncommongoods knowing that you’re supporting a company that aims to do good things in the world, without sacrificing quality.

I’ve highlighted some of my favorite gifts from the uncommongoods catalogue that center around food and drink, but if you’d like to explore some of their other gifts, you can also check out great stocking stuffer ideas, a fabulous collection of gifts under $25, and a huge collection of gifts under $50.

Gifts for people who like to eat

Cheese “&” cracker board

ampersand cheese and cracker tray from uncommongoods

There are so many gorgeous cutting boards available on the uncommongoods site, I had a hard time choosing a favorite. But since I always serve cheese and crackers at parties, I fell in love with this Ampersand board, with a channel for the crackers. Get it? Cheese “&” Crackers??

Pistachio and olive servers

If there are two foods that I hate to put out at parties, it’s pistachios and olives. Why those two? Because they both have a part that’s not eaten. When you put pistachios and olives out at a party, the question becomes, what do the guests do with the shells and pits? Well, these serving dishes have solved both problems.

wooden pistachio tray from uncommongoods

The Pistachio Pedestal has a bottom tray for the shells. The top and bottom separate easily for cleaning.

olive plate from uncommongoods

The Olive Server has a place to put pits (the lid comes off for easier emptying). It also has a spot for toothpicks. Genius!

Olive oil dipping kit

collection of herbs and spices from uncommongoods

Dipping good bread into olive oil is truly one of the greatest pleasures in life, and this collection of olive oil dipping herbs and spices elevates this already amazing experience into art. 

Stoneware egg separator

stoneware egg separator from uncommongoods with pouring in the left picture and separated yolks in the right picture

I make so many recipes these days that need the yolks separated from the whites, and I usually use my hands, like a messy neanderthal. Not anymore! This gorgeous piece of stoneware is as functional as it is beautiful, giving me perfectly separated eggs every time.

Self-balancing butter knife

self-balancing butter knife from uncommongoods

I never know what to do with the butter knife. It’s too big and top-heavy to fit into the butter crock without falling out, and after using it we don’t want to rest it on the table and get things all buttery. We usually end up balancing it on the dish, but we’re always knocking it off when we reach for something nearby. The genius solution? A self-balancing butter knife! It stands up next to the butter all on its own, and the buttery part will never rest on something else and get it dirty! Plus, it just looks so cool sitting on my table.

Chip and dip bowl

chip and dip bowl with carrots from uncommongoods

This adorable little bowl, the Ooma Bowl, is specially designed for chips and dip. Or carrots and dip, as the case may be! It’s easy to hold, has a unique look, and keeps everything separate until you’re ready to dip.

You can find lots more food-related gifts on the website.

Gifts for people who like to drink

From innovative decanters to gorgeous glasses to art made from wine paraphernalia, there’s a lot choose from when it comes to drink-related gifts. Here are some of my favorites.

Stone drink dispenser

stone drink dispenser from uncommongoods

You can put a little more cave-man in your man-cave with this stone drink dispenser.

Home microbrewing kit

home microbrewing kit from uncommongoods

This home microbrewing kit would look great just sitting out on a table not doing anything. But you can also use it to make beer.

Cracked glass coasters

broken glass coasters

Of all of the cool coasters on the site, I think these cracked glass ones are my favorite.

Neighborhood coasters

wooden coasters with Brooklyn neighborhoods from uncommongoods

These neighborhood coasters make a fantastic gift for someone in Brooklyn, or Chicago, or one of the other dozen cities represented. There are even European versions.

Wine flight set

wooden wine holder with four carafes from uncommongoods

I don’t drink wine, and yet every time I see one of these flight sets at a restaurant, I desperately want one. I could do a soda flight. Or, you could buy it for someone who actually drinks wine

Wine cork maps

wine cork state map of California from uncommongoods

Make your wine drinking more purposeful with one of these wine cork boards in the shape of a state! They’ve got all fifty to choose from. And if beer is more your style, they also have beer cap state maps.

Wine dispenser

wine dispenser in the shape of a sphere from uncommongoods

Like how boxed wine tastes, but not how it looks? Pour it into this beautiful spherical wine dispenser instead!

Ombre glasses

colorful ombre drinking glasses

These gorgeous ombre glasses are handmade in Mexico using bits of colorful, recycled glass.

Happy shopping!

I've gathered some of my favorite food- and drink-themed gifts from the amazing website uncommongoods to make your shopping a little easier! #shopping #gifts

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