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Thanks for visiting my contact page! My email address is at the bottom of the post. I kindly ask that you read the following before using it.

Reader questions:

If you’re a reader asking for information or you want to tell me something about a post, please leave a comment on the relevant post so that it will be accessible to all of my readers. Please note that if you have a detailed question about a product I’ve written about, you may get an answer faster by contacting the company directly.

Working with me:

Information about working with me can be found here. Please visit that page before contacting me.

Advertising on

Information about sidebar ads can be found here.

Email lists:

Please do not under any circumstances add me to your email list without my permission. I will report your list as spam.

Emails about the following will be deleted:

I do not insert text link ads into my existing posts, I don’t care how much you’re willing to pay. Please don’t ask. Same goes for paid followed links anywhere on my site.

Please do not send me requests to submit a guest post or link to your post. I do not accept unsolicited guest posts or link requests and will not answer. 

My blog is not local

I do not cover local events unless I’m actually participating in them (or perhaps if I owe a friend a favor). I am not a listing site, and I am not a local site – my audience is spread out all over the country. If you have an event that is geared towards a national audience, I’m happy to discuss rates for a sponsored post if your event is a good fit, but please be aware that I rarely do sponsored posts these days.

I’m a one-woman show

If your pitch is way off base it will probably just be deleted with no response from me. Please don’t take it personally, I simply don’t have time to respond to everything. I get dozens of pitches a day, and I can generally tell from the subject line or the first sentence if it’s something that I will consider or not.

Still want to contact me?

My email address is questions (at) AmyEverAfter (dot) com.

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