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Hi, I’m Amy Oztan. I’m a blogger, freelance writer, podcaster, video creator, social media influencer, and public speaker. For more than twelve years I’ve been connecting readers with products, services, and destinations that they love. I was always the person my family and friends turned to for recommendations, so expanding that expertise into online advice was a natural fit!

Please check out my Media Page for examples of my TV and online video appearances, quotes on other websites, freelance writing samples, and awards.

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Social Stats

I’m very active on social media, and have built up organic followings on several platforms based on years of posting, participating, and being interesting.

  • YouTube With more than a thousand subscribers and over a million views, my YouTube channel is a great place to showcase your product.
  • Twitter As Twitter engagement has dwindled, I’ve started a new account to build up followers who want to engage in my content.
  • Instagram I’ve recently separated my personal Instagram from my work Instagram, which now focuses on delicious foods, interesting places, reviews, and more!
  • Facebook My page has more than 3 thousand engaged followers.

Sponsored Campaigns

I’m going to be blunt: I don’t like doing sponsored work, so I rarely do it at this point.

I will still occasionally do a sponsored post if it’s a great fit, but it has to really be worth my while—not just great pay, but some kind of special access or information to transmit to my readers that I wouldn’t get as a regular customer.

Please note: I do not accept sponsored content written by someone else. If you pitch me for a sponsored post, please understand that it will be written by me. While bullet points and other info about the product are helpful to me during my researching and writing process, I will be writing the content from scratch, so please don’t ask me if you can supply a sponsored post for my site.

I do not guarantee click-throughs or pageviews or conversions. My posts are set up to bring in steady traffic for years, and that can be great for raising awareness about a product, but it can take many months for a post to start seeing good traffic, and blogs are simply not great vehicles for making immediate sales (unless the post offers some kind of deal or discount that can’t be found anywhere else). So if you’re looking for quick traffic or sales, this is not the blog you’re looking for.

What I can offer you is a post that will tell a story about your brand, answer questions, plant a seed of interest, and show my readers why they need to have your product in their life!

If you’ve read this far and you’re not thinking “Wow, she’s really full of herself! She sounds like a nightmare to work with!” then here’s some more info on sponsored posts:

I’ve worked with so many wonderful brands I couldn’t possibly name them all, so here are some highlights.

  • Teladoc An important interview with a clinical psychologist about what kids can do when they’re away at college and need help with anxiety, depression, and more. This was a podcast episode for Parenting Bytes, and I also posted it on Amy Ever After for more exposure.
  • Emepelle An informative post about what happens to skin as we age, and what we can do about it.
  • Invisalign A multi-post, multi-year partnership, including treatment for both me and my daughter.
  • Kidde A long partnership with the fire safety brand, including posts about staying safe, hanging out with firefighters, and even my own shot at fighting a fire.
  • Bitdefender An in-depth informational post about a tech device, along with a successful giveaway of the product.
  • Babbleboxx A round-up that included a range of Father’s Day gifts, including a collection of vibrant product pictures.
  • BeFunky An instructional post about new photo-editing features, highlighting before-and-after images.
  • DOSH An informative post about how to save money with an exciting new app, utilizing screenshots from the app to show what it can do.
  • Consumer Reports A visit to a testing facility, including my personal history and relationship with the magazine.
  • Visionworks A trip to the eye doctor for my daughter, including every step in the process for getting glasses.
  • Lysol An educational post about how to keep from getting sick, including what I learned at an event about germs.
  • Ragu A tasty post about a product information session, including lots of pictures of food from the event and my own kitchen.

I can include a hands-on product demonstration, a how-to video, recipe creation, a visit to your facility, a giveaway, or some other custom element. Any or all of these things can be combined into a complete campaign, designed with your specific goals in mind. Please email me to discuss the rates, logistics, and creatives for presenting your product in the very best way to a targeted audience: HireAmy(at)AmyEverAfter(dot)com

Interested in a sidebar ad? You can see my advertising rates here.


Whether traveling on my own or with my family, I love to tell stories about where I’ve been. I’ve run off to Montreal on short notice with my husband, taken my kids to swim with sea lions in St. Thomas, eaten my way through Cape May, explored the campy history of a new resort in the Poconos, dragged my family to every tourist attraction in D.C., explored my Disney Side at Disneyland, dined with a Beast and covered the opening of new rides in Disney World, and explored a UNESCO World Heritage Site on St. Kitts.

Since my kids are older and I work for myself, I have the freedom to travel and the experience to get the most out of it by taking the right pictures and asking the right questions. Please email me to talk about getting your location written up on my site or somewhere else: HireAmy(at)AmyEverAfter(dot)com

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