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In praise of Mighty Taco, from a vegetarian

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Looking for vegetarian fast food? If you’re in Western New York, you’re in luck!

The new Meatless menu section at Mighty Taco

My love for Mighty Taco

I grew up in Buffalo, NY. My mom and some other relatives still live there, so I go home once or twice a year to see them. And while I’m there, I make several trips to Mighty Taco

If you don’t live in Western New York, you probably have no idea what Mighty Taco is. Think of it as a better, faster, nicer version of Taco Bell. The customer service is always excellent, and my order is often ready by the time I’m done paying. It’s just a pleasant place to stop by.

OK, really, I’m just trying to sound normal, because when I start talking about Mighty Taco it can sound a bit like I’m in a cult. Get two ex-Buffalonians together and the conversation will inevitably wander to Might Taco (and Wegmans), specifically the last time you had it. Since they open at 10 am and there’s one a block from my mom’s house, I’ve had it for breakfast more times than I can count. It is AWESOME. They have the friendliest employees, the cleanest restaurants, and when I was in college I was usually able to buy a meal with the change I found in my car. Even if I’m only in Buffalo for two or three nights, I will still manage to make three or four trips to Mighty Taco.

I even started writing this post while sitting in a Mighty Taco. I was in Buffalo visiting my mom, and it was my second Might Taco visit in fourteen hours.

Mighty Taco has always been a great place to eat if you’re looking for vegetarian fast food. I hate it when all of the ingredients are right there for a vegetarian meal, but it’s not on the menu, so I have to order a meat item without the meat (and get charged meaty prices). But at Mighty Taco, I’ve always been able to order a Bean & Cheese Burrito or a Veggie Burrito. I didn’t have to explain that I didn’t want meat. Nobody looked at me funny. I was able to just order off of the menu. If you deal with this all the time, it can be super annoying! (I’m looking at you, McDonald’s. Just put a cheese sandwich on the menu already!!)

Other vegetarian fast food

It’s not impossible to find vegetarian items at most fast food restaurants, but often you’re stuck with side dishes or salads. This is a really good list. (Although I don’t understand why they listed two sides at Sonic, instead of a grilled cheese and a side. A fast-food grilled cheese sandwich is a unicorn and needs to be celebrated!!)

Burger Kings are easy to find, and I love their veggie burgers (they’re from Morningstar Farms, the same kind I have at home!). Burger King is my go-to when traveling, especially when I’m on Weight Watchers (Subway is good too). This is another good list, with the healthiest vegetarian options at eleven fast food chains (because as much as I love fries and desserts, sometimes I need something that feels more like a meal).

The new Meatless Menu

But Mighty Taco has always had vegetarian options that aren’t just sides, and now they’ve gone even further. When I walked into the restaurant a couple days ago, the menu looked very different: there’s now a whole section, in bright green, called “Meatless”! All of my veggie favorites!!

Now, the “Meatless” section doesn’t contain all of the vegetarian options. There’s a cheese quesadilla in the “Mighty Q” section of the menu. And, you can get beans as your protein choice in the Mighty Bowlito. There’s a vegetarian salad in the “Salads” section (although on the in-store menu board, the salad is included in the “Meatless” section, you can see it up there in the picture), and the “Sides” section has several vegetarian choices. At certain times of the year (like now!), they even have mac & cheese!

So some vegetarian choices are still scattered around the menu, but most of them are now in their own section. Say it loud and proud, Mighty Taco: you love vegetarians, and welcome us into your restaurants!

Being able to order off of the menu—and have choices!!—makes me a very loyal customer. And while I can only go to Mighty Taco in person a few times a year, I can also help spread the word to other vegetarians. Especially ones like me, who are surrounded by meat-eaters. Going to a vegetarian restaurant with my husband and kids isn’t an option, but with Mighty Taco, none of us has to compromise! 

So please, if you’re a vegetarian in Western New York, and you appreciate the love that Mighty Taco has always shown for vegetarians, thank them! And if you’re passing through Western New York and looking for someplace with vegetarian fast food—especially if you also need to feed meateaters—give Might Taco a try!

And if you’re not in Western New York? You can order their burritos online and get them FedExed to your door!! You can even show your love with Mighty Gear.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to figure out how many more Mighty Taco meals I can fit in on this trip.

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Looking for vegetarian fast food options? If you're in Western New York, you're in luck: Mighty Taco now has a dedicated menu section for meatless food! #vegetarian #Buffalo #FastFood

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